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Our Vision

Read more about how we plan to deliver flexible, innovative and reliable solutions for the maritime industry.


Marine Hybrid Solutions wants to further develop maritime technology with a fresh look and our customers' needs in focus. We are developing:

  • Integrated energy to power systems
  • Energy sources with electrical transformation and distribution
  • Control and automation on board, seamlessly integrated with cloud services and access from shore
  • Digital platform where data is structured, stored and accessible through an open IT architecture
  • Cloud services with standard and custom reports
  • Functionalities for optimization, simulation, systems and analyses
An AI generated image of a man in a ship machine room holding a tablet
An AI generated image of a boat at sea with strobing lights surrounding the boat


Our range of products for the maritime industry ranges from complete systems to individual products and concepts for machine safety and efficiency:

  • Electric propulsion systems
  • Generator sets that run on diesel and alternative fuels
  • Other energy sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines and batteries
  • Electrical switching equipment and frequency converters
  • Control and automation systems
  • Rotating machines, motors and generators
  • Fuel cells (coming)


In addition to solutions and products, we want to be available to our customers with immediate and knowledgeable expertise:

  • Support for optimal design of energy and power systems
  • Contribute with expertise in the design and specification of control and automation systems
  • Cloud services with access to structured ship data in time series
  • Experienced service engineers and technicians within mechanical, electrical and automation systems
An AI generated image of a control room in a ship