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Happy collaboration with innovative Get Academy

We at Marine Hybrid Solutions have the pleasure of collaborating with the IT school Get Academy; an innovative school that prioritizes the students' needs and that gives business access to more IT developers. 

Get Academy takes a different approach to training than traditional schools. Based on this, a recruitment process through Get Academy was a natural choice.

CEO Børge Nogva i Marine Hybrid Solutions poserer med salgs- og markedssjef Ida Midtgaard fra Get Academy
Ida Midtgaard from GET Academy and Børge Nogva from Marine Hybrid Solutions

Internship with us in Marine Hybrid Solutions

In January 2024, we at Marine Hybrid Solutions (MHS) had the opportunity to collaborate with Get Academy on an internship for the software developer Markus. Markus attended GET Academy for six months before he was offered an internship with us. Every Wednesday he goes to school and receives training from senior developers at GET Academy. The other days of the week he is part of our team at MHS. 

Great self-interest

Markus quickly dived into the areas we wanted to get an overview of, he has a foundation of technical expertise that provides a starting point for further learning. In addition, he has a great vested interest in the area in which we need development. We are excited about further development and what Markus can help us with in the future.

We want to think anew

In addition to putting our customers at the center of all deliveries, our goals are to contribute to sustainable and innovative solutions. Now that the company is growing, it is our task to ensure that sustainability and innovation permeate our culture and our actions. GET Academy has a different approach to education than traditional schools. Against this background, a recruitment process through the GET Academy was a natural choice.

GET Academy

GET Academy is a non-profit organization started in 2016. Their aim is to find the very best talents for coding/programming, regardless of background and experience, and give them an education that leads to a job. They want to show a different way of running a school, with the aim of inspiring changes also in the public school system in the long term.

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