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Interview with managing director Børge Nogva

We at Marine Hybrid Solutions want our customers and stakeholders to get an insight into our company and owners. Through a series of upcoming interviews, you can read about who Marine Hybrid Solutions is, our owners, our employees and our plans going forward. 


In this chapter you will read an interview with Børge Nogva, managing director and part owner of Marine Hybrid Solutions (MHS): 


I seek to develop improved systems and services that ensure stability, safety, efficiency and full insight into the ship's operation by offering access to all data

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Managing Director Børge Nogva at Marine Hybrid Solutions

Recruitment and development

Solid experience from the maritime industry

I grew up in Brattvåg at the Vard Brattvåg shipyard in Sunnmøre and have over 30 years of experience in the maritime equipment industry. I have worked in various roles within management, sales and business areas for companies such as the Ulstein group, Rolls-Royce Marine, General Electric and Høglund Marine Solutions. Through these experiences, I have developed a broad knowledge of markets, ship systems, technologies, products and services. 

The vision to improve today's ship systems

The experiences I have from my previous workplaces showed clearly the need for improvement within the shipping industry. This motivated me to help start and invest in MHS with the aim of challenging and improving current systems and services. The shipping industry is facing increasing complexity in the integration of advanced ship systems, and shipowners face new challenges in meeting the requirements for the ships' operation. I seek to develop improved systems and services that ensure stability, safety, efficiency and full insight into the ship's operation by offering access to all data. 

How MHS has had a rocket start

Through our close collaboration with our two large and reliable owners, Anlay and Marine SEric (AMS) and Baumüller, MHS has had a rocket start. Since these are established and solid companies can we already deliver products and systems. Next to this we work to uncover the challenges and new needs in today's systems and services in the maritime industry. Over time, MHS will be a supplier of solutions that contains all components and products related to propulsion and energy systems with necessary cloud services and associated functionslitties 

The complementary roles of owners Baumüller and Anlegg and Marine Service

Facilities and Marine Service (AMS) in Stavanger, majority owner in MHS, has its primary activity in motor service and is one of Norway's leading suppliers in its field. Baumüller is a globally sealvppkapp with head office in Nuremberg in Germany. Their products are used in a number of industries and they can offer competitive and reliable products for maritime use. So that we as a company should could deliver reliable products and systems to our customers already from inception, we had to make sure to have owners within different field. AMS and Baumüller each fulfills its own role and provides MHS with guidance, competence transfer and resources to contribute to MHS's growth and success. 

Efficiency and emissions in the maritime industry

The shipping industry faces a number of new and stricter requirements in terms of efficiency and emissions related to the operation of the world's fleets. We want to make a positive contribution to the goal of reducing emissions by offering electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems in addition to software in control, automation and cloud services. During the spring of 2024, we have now employed 9 people who will be involved in developing and leading the technological services that we will deliver in the long term. In parallel with the development, we will offer and deliver products and systems for all-electric and hybrid electric projects for ships in Norway and the Nordics.   

These are some of the main keys to being able to ensure safe, stable, efficient and environmentally friendly operation. 

Keep it simple, stupid

The saying "keep it simple, stupid" is certainly one of our main goals when working with the complex services and systems in the maritime industry. Over time, an increasing complexity has emerged in the integration of more advanced ship systems. While many components and products can be procured with the right quality, the integration of such and all systems on board ships is a more difficult nut to crack. The shipbuilding specifications are too weak to describe how and what is to be integrated. Generally speaking, a weak understanding of control systems and the lack of emphasis on integration and data sharing lead to highly fragmented solutions with unstable, unpredictable and simply unsafe operational conditions. 


We will address these challenges by both looking at how we can simplify complex systems, but also develop the services based on how our customers want current and future systems and services to look and function. This will benefit both safety, efficiency, employees on board and stakeholders. 

In order to achieve our goals, we will use new technology in hardware and software. In particular, we will look at how artificial intelligence with machine learning can be used to both handle and structure data. 

Among the best

A saying that is constantly repeated with us is: «Among the best». This is our goal for MHS. We have visions etcm how we want to develop and improve current systems and solutions, mone There are several good suppliers of such systems today. We shall not think that we are better than these, but we aims to be «among the best». Ours core values honest, loyal and humble holding us downe on the ground at the same time as us allows us to have dreams and visions of what we want to achieve. 

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