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Interview with Our Owner Baumüller

At Marine Hybrid Solutions (MHS), we want our customers and stakeholders to gain insight into our company and owners. Through a series of interviews, you can learn about who Marine Hybrid Solutions is, our owners, our employees, and our plans for the future.

In this chapter, you will read an interview with Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH, one of the owners of Marine Hybrid Solutions:

MHS combines the best of both worlds: AMS's expertise in combustion engines and services, and Baumüller's propulsion electrification, along with Børge's extensive marine experience."

Thomas Scholz
Thomas Scholz, Sales Director at Baumüller

Recruitment and development

Leading the Way in Electric Automation and Drive Systems

Based in Nuremberg, Baumüller is a leading manufacturer of electric automation and drive systems. At production sites in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and China as well as in over 40 branches worldwide, around 2,000 employees develop and produce intelligent system solutions for machine manufacturing and e-mobility.  

Baumüller has also been active in the field of electromobility for many years and supplies electric motors and complete drive systems also for ships. Always with the goal of reducing emissions. The great advantage of solutions with Baumüller technology is that shipbuilding can benefit from decades of mechanical engineering expertise 

Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1987 and is the system house of the Baumüller Group. The experts for electric drive and automation technology successfully implement their systems in numerous areas of mobile drive technology. With its wide range of services from motors, converters, and control systems to charging systems, the BAS-PCS power management system and the BAS-Link DC-Grid power distribution platform, diagnostic software, and the battery management system, Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik offers attractive and efficient alternatives to classic ship propulsion. This paves the way for realistic solutions in the field of smart shipping and also offers a wide range of marine services. 

Strategic Investment: Why Baumüller Chose Norway for Maritime Innovation

Norway is an interesting market for maritime equipment and systems. Due to our company philosophy, we want to be there where our customers are. Being part of the dynamic group of MHS is a great chance to develop solutions, which we also can use in projects outside of Norway. 

MHS: A Unique Blend of Expertise in Marine Electrification

Baumüller has already a long history in the electrification of equipment like workboats, passenger vessels, and also wheel loaders. 

In our eyes, MHS gets the best of two worlds. With the joint forces of Anlegg og Marine Service (AMS)– for internal combustion engines and services – and Baumüller – in the electrification of propulsion systems – and the experience of Børge Nogva (CEO of MHS), we combine a lot of experience from different fields in the marine market. Together with the developments for automated systems and cloud services, we can play a leading role.  

Due to AMS and Baumüller experience, MHS has a stable backbone which allows us not to start at zero. 

How Baumüller and Anlegg og Marine Service Joined Forces

It was a kind of right time–right place situation. We started our sales activities in Norway with a local representative, Thor Atle Eiken from Eiken Maritime. Thor Atle and my colleague Peter-Jan van Kooten have been colleagues during their time at Centa. Thor Atle is also a friend of Børge Nogva, and someday they talked about the idea of electrification. So Thor brought us to Børge and together with AMS, we began to figure out if this cooperation would work. The relationship grew, and AMS’s proactive approach was impressive. Additionally, we felt the strong chemistry among the team members made it the perfect time to launch this project.

Post-Investment Growth: Baumüller's Role in Advancing MHS

There are multiple ways we will support the growth within MHS. We can deliver parts of the technology for the projects MHS is willing to fight for. With our team we will also support during the sales (direct / indirect). Baumüller has subsidiaries in certain countries in Europe, this is also helpful in terms of service hubs for ships not operating in Norway and also for ships which will be designed in Norway, but built in Turkey or Spain for example. 

We are also looking very interested to the development of cloud services, which Baumüller can also use for projects. 

Shaping the Future: Baumüller's Vision for Marine Hybrid Solutions

As I understood the market, there are big player like Kongsberg and Wärtsila. There is also a field of some system integrators, who are majorly focused on parts of the ship automation. My vision is to develop MHS to a company, which is capable to provide complete ship automation in a flexible dynamic way, as the big ones cannot achieve. We have the possibility to be in the Top 3 of system suppliers. 

Driving Sustainability: Baumüller's Commitment to Eco-Friendly Maritime Solutions

Sustainability is a big challenge for the whole industry. Nearly every ship, which is built has to offer CO2 neutral operation modi or at least has to reduce the CO2-footprint by usage of speed variable gensets, alternative fuels and electric energy storages. Baumüller supports this with the design of the propulsion system together with the analysis of operating profiles, sizing of EES systems, charging systems and choice of gensets.  

Efficient and Compact: The Advantages of Baumüller's Electric Propulsion Systems

In the design of the electric propulsion systems, we are focused on efficient solutions. We are mainly using permanent magnet motors with a high efficiency and designing DC solutions, which are also more efficient. By this design, we are able to offer more compact solution with less weight and space required in the vessels.

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Thomas Scholz

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Read our interview with Baumüller, a leader in electric automation and drive systems. With around 2,000 employees worldwide, they develop intelligent solutions for machine manufacturing and e-mobility, including maritime applications.

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